Posted by: edrocker | September 29, 2008

“While Lauren’s Away…” (Season 4: Episode 7)

Lauren was off to Italy for a family vacation which meant time for Audrina and Lo to spend together at the house.

Since Stephanie was unable to contact Lauren in Italy, she sought counsel from Audrina.  Doug had just asked her out for dinner and was unsure how she should proceed.  Stephanie asked Audrina, “How would she find out?”The guys onThe After Show“ laughed at this one.  The look on Audrina’s face says it all.  Come on Steph, of course she’ll find out.  You’re on a reality TV series!  “I’d be just careful,” advised Audrina.

What’s this, Audrina and Lo enjoying lunch together at Fred Segal?  I guess miracles do happen.  They discussed Audrina’s relationship with Justin and Stephanie going out with Doug.  “Why would you want sloppy seconds?” asked Audrina.  LOL!!!

Later in the evening, Lo and Audrina go out to the nightclub, Goa and bump into Heidi and Spencer.  Audrina and Heidi enjoy a conversation together and discuss the news about Stephanie and Doug.  Heidi eventually invites Audrina and Justin to the X-Games Party she’s promoting.

All this occurs as Lo is left on the sidelines.  LOL!!!

The next day at the Speidi household, Stephanie pays a visit to her brother.  She asked him if he heard the news about her and Doug.

“So are you a little nervous that LC’s gonna clip you from her little posse?” asked Spencer, “I’d be if I were you.” LOL!!!

In the evening, Speidi spends some time with Audrina and Justin at the X-Games Party.  Spencer asks the couple, “Have you seen ‘Batman‘?  ‘Joker’, it should have been called ‘Joker’.”

Justin couldn’t care less about this conversation.  LOL!!!

But, it seemed like Spencer was really into it.

That same evening, Stephanie and Doug meet at Beso for dinner.

They thought they were being all stealth, but then they run into Brody’s mother, Linda.  “Are you guys on a date?  Is that what’s happening here?” she asked the two.

“Wow, that’s interesting,” said Doug.  Stephanie shook her head and replied,“Not good.”

The next day, Lauren returns early from Italy.  “So, what I miss?” she asked Audrina and Lo.  Her roommates inform her about their encounter with Speidi and the news about Stephanie and Doug.

Later in the day, Lauren and Brody go out for dinner at Loteria Grill.

He informs her about Doug’s so called “business dinner”.

Lauren is obviously not pleased about the news.

Brody goes on to say, “At least you know what I was talking about, she’s shady.” (referring to Stephanie)

You can download this episode as a torrent file here.  If you live in Canada and you want to watch it streaming, click here.  For American residents, go here.


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