Posted by: edrocker | September 22, 2008

“You Always Miss A Best Friend” (Season 4: Episode 6)

Check out Spencer’s reaction to Holly just mentioning Lauren’s name.  “Yeah, you should totally hang out with Lauren.  She’s really cool,” he said, sarcastically.  LOL!!!

“It would definitely be nice to see a familiar face,” said Holly.

“I can’t like tell you who to hang out with,” said Heidi, but apparently Spencer can.  LOL!!!

Loyal confidant to Lauren, Whitney always offers helpful advice to her friend.  While working at People’s Revolution, Lauren receives a random text message from Holly to meet her.  Whitney tells Lauren, “You could always use more friends in the city, you know?  It doesn’t hurt anybody.” Lauren replies, “It would just help if some of them weren’t related to people I didn’t get along with.”

At Epic Records, Audrina is assigned the task of being the publicist’s right-hand at a showcase for the rock band, “The White Tie Affair“.

Holly and Lauren meet for lunch at Amandine Patisserie.

“We were like ‘The Three Musketeers‘.  I miss it!” said Holly referring to her relationship with Lauren and Heidi in the past.

“Hopefully, I’ll get to see you more,” wishes Holly.

At Amalfi Ristorante, Justin tells Audrina at dinner, “You’re really good at accepting people again.  You know what I mean?” (referring to her relationship with her roommates, Lauren and Lo).  Audrina also invites Justin to the showcase.  “If it’s going to benefit you, I’ll go for sure.  It’ll be fun,” he answered.

Back at home, Audrina invites Lauren to the party.  Lauren tells her about Holly, and Audrina says, “Sometimes friendships are even harder than relationships.”

At the Hotel Roosevelt, “The White Tie Affair“, Audrina, and Charlie Walk (president of Epic Records) start the evening off with a toast.

Audrina shares a hug with Epic Records‘ publicist, Kristin Loretta during the performance…

Lauren shows up with Stephanie and Lo.  She tells Audrina, “They’re really good!” (referring to the band).

The absence of Justin was being felt.

Lo actually made an effort to enjoy herself tonight.

Back at the Speidi residence, Heidi reacts to Holly informing her of her lunch with Lauren.  “Really?  You’re my best friend and my sister, and you didn’t want to tell me?  You just kind of went behind my back and did that?” asked Heidi.

“You guys are both like little sisters to me,” replied Holly.

“This whole thing has been really… hard for me.  It’s hard for me to hear… even you went to lunch with her.  It’s kind a…  I don’t know,” Heidi explained.

Holly’s response, “Nothing’s beyond repair.  I can tell that she misses you.”

Now at the after party, Stephanie flirts with Sean (guitarist of “The White Tie Affair“) and asks him to show her his nipple piercings.

“Oh, my God!!!” she exclaims.  LOL!!!

Lo asked Audrina, “Is Justin coming?”

Poor Audrina, she couldn’t give a straight answer.  She was obviously disappointed at Justin’s lack of effort.

Lauren reprimands Lo, “Way to be a buzz kill.” LOL!!!

The following day at work, Audrina confides to Chiara (co-worker) about her doubts towards Justin.

During lunch with Kimberly (Bolthouse event coordinator) at Toast, Heidi tells her about her feelings towards Holly and Lauren’s relationship.

“We were best friends for years.  I’ve never even had a best friend like that.” explained Heidi.  She goes on to wish, “Maybe one day, by… you know… like a miracle, we’ll be friends again.”

I actually felt bad for Heidi at this moment.  It was so obvious she was sad.

At FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), Lauren informs Stephanie about her lunch with Holly.

“Did seeing Holly make you miss Heidi?” asked Stephanie.

“Yeah…  You always miss a best friend,” replied Lauren.

“Who knows, maybe one day…” hoped Heidi.

I just loved how this episode ended with the conversations switching from Lauren to Heidi.  This is my favourite episode so far this season.  I’ll probably never erase it from my hard drive, so I can watch the end over and over again.  LOL!!!

You can download this episode as a torrent file here.  If you live in Canada and you want to watch it streaming, click here.  For American residents, go here.


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