Posted by: edrocker | September 13, 2008

“Something Has To Change” (Season 4: Episode 5)

Well, turned out Doug and Brody weren’t behind bars, but at a casino jail filing an incident report all night.  There was no need for concern at all.  It’s a good thing the network decided to air this episode right after the previous one and not leave us hanging for a week.

“Heidi and I want you to move out.  Straight up,” said Spencer.

Poor Holly, Spencer made her doubt her sister.

“Kick’em the f*ck out!” said Justin, referring to her strained relationship with Lauren and Lo.

Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution put Whitney in charge of styling Lady Gaga‘s record launch.

Heidi asked Spencer, “What did you say to her?” Referring to Holly being incommunicado and her absence from their condo.

Lo spotted on Facebook!

At the Area Nightclub, Lady GaGa‘s catsuit runs into a bit of a snag.

But no need to worry, Lauren fixes the zipper on her outfit and Lady GaGa calls her, “a Superwoman” before she goes out on stage.

A look of relief from the dynamic dual after a disaster averted.

I just had to stick this in.  This was Lady GaGa signing the ass of my buddy, Josh when she was in town performing at the Mirage.  LOL!!!

Back at the Speidi household, Holly returns and is consoled by her little sister.

This was a great scene between Lauren and Audrina!

Man, the past 2 episodes just had me in tears.  LOL!!!

You can download this episode as a torrent file here.  If you live in Canada and you want to watch it streaming, click here.  For American residents, go here.


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