Posted by: edrocker | September 9, 2008

“Boys Make Girls Cry” (Season 4: Episode 4)

So Lauren and friends were off to Las Vegas in Doug’s jet to celebrate Frankie’s birthday in this episode.

Here’s Doug handing out champagne to everyone.

As you can see in this photo, Stephanie is definitely impressed by Doug.

During the flight though, Brody makes an inappropriate toast to Stephanie, “Having little Steph here is almost as good as having Spencer here.”

I felt bad for Stephanie here.

Now back at the Speidi household, Heidi tells Spencer that Holly (Heidi’s sister) will be staying with them because she’s moving into town.  I loved Spencer’s reaction especially when he said, “Ask her next time, ‘Did Spencer find a bunch of tampons…'” LOL!!!

Oh man, I really felt bad for Stephanie here.  She opened the door big time when she confronted Brody in front of everyone about what he’s been saying to Lauren about her.  She started to cry at the dinner table after Brody told her countless times, she was crazy and asked her to leave.

Even Lauren felt bad and took her upstairs to console her.

I still remember this season on The After Show“, Stephanie mentioned she’s scared to death to argue with either Spencer or Brody.  Now, I see why.

“You making girls cry now, dude?” asked Doug.  Props to Doug for trying to stop the argument earlier.  Man, Brody was a mean mofo in this episode.

LOL!!!  This guy’s totally checking out the scene at the party in LAX.

Looks like these guys recognized Audrina and Justin.  LOL!!!

The episode finished off with Frankie informing the girls the next morning, that Brody and Doug were in jail!

You can download this episode as a torrent file here.  If you live in Canada and you want to watch it streaming, click here.  For American residents, go here.



  1. Ok I totally love your recap of the show! I also noticed those 2 guys checking out Audrina and Justin Bobby as they left the club. I rewound it on my PVR to make extra sure!!!!


  2. I know, it was funny, eh? Even the guys on “The After Show” noticed too! You know Spencer plays the bad guy on this show, but he does say some funny stuff though. LOL!!!

  3. I love it…You can already download episode 5 on MTV canada. I keep re-watching all of them.

  4. Love this recap Edwin…I didn’t feel sorry for Stephanie at all…there’s something shady about that girl…her true colors will come out…remember who her brother is!

  5. I know what you’re talking about Alma because there’s previews of Stephanie seeing Doug behind Lauren’s back, but then again it’s a little different from the Brody and Bunny situation. Lauren still had a thing for Brody when that happened, but with Doug, she dumped him. So, she shouldn’t care, right?

    Oh and about Spencer, ironic how he was imposing on Stephanie’s hospitality last season by staying at her place. This time Holly is staying with him and Heidi and he doesn’t like it one bit. LOL!!!

  6. Those 2 guys, look like you Edwin…lol

  7. @ Boris: That’s what I thought too and I would have reacted the same way as well! LOL!!!

  8. I agree with Alma… There is something about Stephanie that makes me think she’s shady…what’s with the braids (I just watched episode 6)

    it’ll be interesting to see how Spiedi will react to Holly hanging out with Lauren.

  9. @ Karen: Man, you’re fast. I haven’t even posted Episode 6 yet!

    Steph’s just trying a new look, for school. Who wants hair in their face when they’re sketching designs?

    Dan from “The After Show” was speculating that Holly might be the catalyst that brings Heidi and Lauren together again.

  10. I don’t think its going to happen…Lauren will never be friends with Heidi again as long as she’s with Spencer.

    Yah, I agree with Karen on the braids…not a good look Stephanie!!!

  11. @ Alma: Oh yeah I forgot, you and Karen are the founders of “The Haters’ Club”. LOL!!!

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